Nosy Parkers Galore

15 January 2019

Finger-print forensic science is so yesterday. What I need right now is a forensic detective who specialises in nose-prints.

If such a thing should exist, then I would like to keep an eye on the culprits who left their flat, nasal calling cards on an otherwise pristine pane of glass. The situation has gone completely out of hand.

Maybe it is my own fault. Maybe I should not have used ‘And Life Goes On’ as my current window display.


Oil on canvas, 106 cm x 106 cm, plus frame
$ 6,600

Enigmatic as the painting is, maybe the window-smudgers were looking for clues in the assorted luggage?

Had they asked me, I would have told them this:

‘Look,’ I would have said, ‘isn’t life like a series of rooms, as in the painting? Rooms that you have to pass through in order to become wiser? If you’ve managed to leave your old baggage behind, you are one of the lucky ones.’

The rest of us, who cling to our memories like limpets—be they good ones or bad—find ourselves stranded like the painting’s subject, being followed by emotional baggage. Unless, of course, she now decides to cut herself loose, and opens herself up to a brand new future.

Which way is your nose pointing? Backwards or forwards?