A Beastly Show in Castlemaine

2 March 2020

At Studio Rapp, in the historic centre of Castlemaine, a mad-as-an-emu-on-her-washing-day exhibition will run from March 7 to 31, 2020.


OUR BEASTLY FRIENDS, a collection of 16 animal characters, will amuse and delight those who have not quite grown up yet, just like its creator Katharina Rapp. No longer a spring chicken, she follows her itch to escape from everyday reality into one of whimsy and humour.


Enid Emu’s Washing Day


OUR BEASTLY FRIENDS will eventually appear in book form, together with a short story to go with each of the images. Now is the time to look at the original paintings before they sell, only to vanish into some human hoarder’s selfish black hole, never to be seen again.


Studio Rapp
50 Hargraves St, Castlemaine (right in the historic heart of the town)
11am-4pm, every day from March 7-31, 2020.

Bring your friends!