A Nice Smile Says It All

6 September 2019

Are your teeth in perfect alignment?

If so, we can help you stop feeling like a boring magazine model.

Thank goodness, times they are a-changing. We are now in the Age of Heightened Individuality.

Dr Crocodontist is a superbly trained specialist. He will take one look at your ivories and pull you (ouch) out of your misery. No longer will you need to feel like a cookie-cutter zombie.

Our unorthodox orthodontist will be only too pleased to give you that refreshingly natural look.

So don’t hesitate. Your smile is your visiting card, as they say.


Dr. Crocodontist

oil on canvas

56 cm x 71 cm


You may have guessed that this image forms part of my growing new series called Our Beastly Friends, exploring the commonality between humans and the animal kingdom.

Have you ever thought about it? Crocodiles can get toothaches, just like we do. You can tell by their tears.

Steering you away from a life that’s all too straight and narrow! Katharina