Ahoy There! Castlemaine Festival is in full swing.

26 March 2019

Shiver me timbers!

The Castlemaine State Festival is in full swing, and the town, which has been sleepy for weeks in the intense summer heat, is suddenly abuzz.

Clowns are swinging from the rafters, musicians are kicking up their heels, and waiters are swinging their trays through the throngs at the rate of knots.

The caffè lattes served could fill an ocean.

Here at Studio Rapp, paintings are a-swinging from the walls.
Legroom was at a premium over the weekend; just as well the seas will be calmer now during the week, when the township is less inundated.

Because I have a quiet moment after a weekend of all hands on deck, and because the smorgasbord of arts at the festival has put me in the mood for colour and costume: here is a little bit of visual theatre for you.

The Pirate Bride
oil on canvas, 35 cm x 40 cm
$ 800

May your days be festive!