Do You Believe in Magic?

21 December 2019

The world has gone crazy, and in the face of that, I’ve decided to rebel.

Not so much by protesting in the streets and getting arrested in a glamorous red coat, à la Jane Fonda – though I’m all for that, especially in the name of preserving our natural world – but more in the form of magic.

Our souls crave a sense of magic, yet we are in danger of losing that precious spark altogether, are we not?

The painting below forms part of my latest series, called Our Beastly Friends.



Will you pull some magic out of the hat in 2020?

Will you be a little bit naughty, or a little bit nice? Or a little bit of both?

Our Beastly Friends will be on show at Studio Rapp at 50 Hargraves St, Castlemaine during March 2020, coinciding with the Arts Open event.