Do You Spark Joy?

24 February 2019

Something tells me that even you will have heard of Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying-up queen who teaches you how to keep only the things that spark joy.

* Will you hang on to that single rank rugby sock that once covered the cherished foot of a lover?

* Will you keep the photo that was taken by your best friend, but which makes you look like a body building experiment gone wrong?

* Will you give up hanging on to that guitar on the wall, for years home to a family of hairy-legged spiders?

Out with them.

Donate, recycle (boyfriend included). Deep breath of liberation.

But what about the things that do spark joy?

Will you neatly fold your sexiest drawers and stack them upright in a—ahem—drawer?

Speaking for myself, I have revolutionised the way I keep my joy-sparking socks. Uniformly black, they are all rolled up now, standing like Rollmops in a tin, albeit smelling deliciously of soap.

The white ones that got away are in the image below.


oil on canvas, 71 x 76 cm
$ 2,750


May there be nothing but order in your joyful madness.