Going Underground

24 September 2021

Double double, toil and trouble. There’s trouble wherever you look.

With the times being what they are, we can each respond according to our temperament. Some of the more benign options are:

* Bang your head against a wall

* Learn to ululate or yodel

* Crawl under a rock

* Let your mind go where devils fear to tread.

I was reading the news, the posts, the facts, the fiction, the fakes, the conspiracies… and was inspired by a story suggesting that Queen Elizabeth is really a lizard who dwells in the London sewers by night.

This old girl opted for a painterly solution – a nice cup of tea with the LIZARD PEOPLE.


LIZARD PEOPLE, Oil on canvas, 56 cm X 46 cm

You must admit, it’s one of the more peaceful responses.

May your life be blessed with a nice cup of tea.