Hitting the Right Note

12 November 2019

Let me tell you how my latest painting came about.

It happened in Woop Woop.

All creatures great and small – cows, horses, donkeys, geese, goats and sheep – gathered for a meeting in the farm shed. Big Bull was to announce the week’s news.

As usual, he stood on the shearing platform, waiting until the congregation below him stopped being so unruly. Then came the bombshell: there was to be a musical event the following Saturday, and what’s more, the evening’s program included a choral competition.

The horses neighed with excitement, scraping their hooves on the straw-covered floor. The cows were beside themselves, swishing their tails. They would give it their best shot – or was it their best moo? The geese ran amok, honking.

In the days that followed, all of them practised and practised in their various paddocks. The cacophony!

The big day arrived. Big Bull acted as the conductor in front of a sextet of cows. It was their first round, a warming-up of the vocal cords.

Do re mi fa so la ti do.

Nobody had given much thought to the sheep. So the surprise was great when a sheepish trio made their way up on the platform. And the surprise was even greater when instead of do re mi fa so… gentle reader, take a look at the image. There is always the one.


Suffice it to say, the cows laughed so much, they let fly a heap of steaming fresh dung. The geese farted green missiles with glee, and the horses in their merriment showed their grass-stained teeth.

There was no real competition. The sheep won.

And their prize? They were allowed to choose. They went for a sensitive, empathetic sheepdog.