If You Were a Mouse

30 July 2019

Here in Australia, it’s cold outside.

If you were a mouse, what would you do?

Would you not throw caution to the wind and move into the nearest, the most luxuriously appointed designer mansion?

This is exactly what Sir Reginald Rootlemouse decided to do.

As you can tell, he is not your average little mouse. He has won some of the highest distinctions his kind can possibly aspire to. Thanks to his wit, his valour, he has been showered with innumerable gifts and medals.

He doesn’t bother to wear his medals. He’d find them too pretentious. But he is extremely proud of his most treasured possession—the envy of every other male mouse in the country—and there are many:

His Codpiece d’Honneur.

He wears it all the time. It attracts the ladies’ attention.

No wonder your luxury pad might soon be overrun by teeny little mouslets.


Sir Reginald Rootlemouse
oil on canvas, 56cm x 71cm


Please note that Sir Reginal Rootlemouse forms part of a gang of 16 animal characters – my new series – some yet to be painted. Once the collection is complete, there will be a special exhibition launch at Studio Rapp, with lots of beastly fanfare.