New Life

4 September 2022

When the world looks too overwhelming – as it often does these days – I take refuge in watching another world, a world far removed from politics, where nature is given a chance to win back its old, rightful place.

I am talking of videos about re-greening the desert. They are my go-to therapy. It is heart-warming to see how scientists and hands-on volunteers manage, against all the odds, to reverse the damage that has been done. Cajoling degraded land back to life is no mean feat.

Hence my latest painting, called ‘New Life in the Desert’. It aims to combine two vital things: willing humans and certain plant species – both have to be tough enough to do the job. In my mind I fused their intrepid life forms into one abstract whole.

New Life in the Desert

Oil on canvas, 71 cm X 102 cm

Re-greening projects are happening all over the world. Just thinking about this puts a pep in my step.