Our Beastly Friends – Free download

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Our Beastly Friends – Digital

Price: $10.00

A Collection of Odd Tales about Even Odder Creatures

Humorous fables for adults

Paintings and text by Katharina Rapp

Have you ever felt in danger of being too grown up?

Then lean back and enjoy these sixteen interconnected short stories of animals with all-too-human foibles, looking for friendship and a place to belong.

And who knows? You may find a lovable beast living inside you… like the flamboyant Lion Princeling, banished by his father for being ‘different’; or Piggy, mistress of the burlesque underworld; or the dashing leader of a mouse colony, Sir Reginald Rootlemouse.

Each one appears in a splendidly framed, full-colour portrait for your delight.