Studio Rapp – New Premises, New Beginnings

10 December 2018

As you can see, I am in a quaintly old-fashioned frame of mind tonight. Maybe the first glass of seasonal port has something to do with it?

Here’s to your health!

A good port is the colour of ruby, rich and full of depth, and it reminds me of the past twelve months which were equally condensed.

First I sold my idyllic cottage in the sticks, then I bought a run-down property, dating back to 1861, in the commercial heart of Castlemaine.

The renovations have left me with an elegant working space, as well as comfortable living quarters. The studio is much like a Parisian artist’s salon – a kind of living room where I like to entertain, or mix pleasure with business. You can come and see for yourself, as it is open to the public every weekend, or at other times by appointment.


Sometimes my attention wanders in the middle of a conversation. This is usually because a half-finished painting is staring at me from the easel. That hand! It needs correction. That bright cadmium yellow! It needs toning down. It’s like a constant dialogue with a patient, and the outcome depends a lot on the correct doses I decide to administer.



Having a set-up like this has been a dream of mine ever since I was eighteen. And now, only a mere handful of years later, my patience has been rewarded. Fun, fun, fun!

Studio Rapp is now located at 50 Hargraves St, Castlemaine, Victoria 3450, Australia. Tel +61 419103960. Open 10am-5pm weekends, or by appointment.