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Hitting the Right Note

12 November 2019

Let me tell you how my latest painting came about. It happened in Woop Woop. All creatures great and small – cows, horses, donkeys, geese, goats and sheep – gathered for a meeting in the farm shed. Big Bull was to announce the week’s news. As usual, he stood on the shearing platform, waiting until Read more…

The End of Opera Season

16 October 2019

The end of winter is behind us here in Australia, and so, sadly, is the opera season. Are you ready to let it go? If you have sobbed your way through Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, or wallowed in the electrifying sensuality of Bizet’s Carmen, you will be sad that these good things have to come to Read more…

A Nice Smile Says It All

6 September 2019

Are your teeth in perfect alignment? If so, we can help you stop feeling like a boring magazine model. Thank goodness, times they are a-changing. We are now in the Age of Heightened Individuality. Dr Crocodontist is a superbly trained specialist. He will take one look at your ivories and pull you (ouch) out of Read more…