The case of the lost sock

9 January 2023

Some lose their marbles, some lose their socks. And some lose everything all at once. Let’s hope you always find what you are looking for.

Peace and harmony will be my priorities this year, not to mention a soupçon of battiness.

With the turn of the year came a change of direction in the way I operate. After years of living on the premises, and hanging the red OPEN flag out, I have finally seen the light and invested in a doorbell.

So, instead of opening the studio every Saturday and Sunday to the public at large, I will now open on demand. Please ring the bell if you would like a viewing, or, if I am not in, call me on +61 (0)419 103 960 and we can arrange a visit. I’m rarely far away.

And if this gives me more free time at home, well, I’ll be looking for the lost sock.