The End of Opera Season

16 October 2019

The end of winter is behind us here in Australia, and so, sadly, is the opera season.

Are you ready to let it go?

If you have sobbed your way through Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, or wallowed in the electrifying sensuality of Bizet’s Carmen, you will be sad that these good things have to come to an end.

But fear not. A little bird just told me that a new operatic recital company has been launched in Catmandoo, to console those who suffer the ‘hungry gap’ between seasons.

It works under the mischievous moniker of THE FAT CAT SINGS. On offer are arias exclusively from the works by Richard Wagner.

The program notes promise such delicacies as

Ye Gods, Eat Your Hearts Out 
The Ride of the Catyries
The Bridal Chorus for Three (a feline ménage à trois)

and many more…

How could you, or any hungry culture vulture, resist?


Oil on canvas
56 cm x 71 cm


Please note that THE FAT CAT SINGS forms part of my new series of 16 animal characters, called Our Beastly Friends. Once the series is complete in March 2020, there will be a special launch at Studio Rapp, with lots of beastly fanfare.

May you never strike a wrong note, be that under the shower or when stepping barefoot on top of a drawing pin.